Clarion Diary: Week 6


Week 6! I really was running on fumes by this point. I decided to write a challenging story for that last week but didn't quite have the energy level to pull it off.



We lived in Cuzco House for the summer and I didn't get around to drawing it until Week 6. Pretty swank compared to what I had in college!



Gavin and Kelly often invited us over to their room to do the readings for the day.



The lack of air conditioners can be really challenging in the summer heat. I recommend buying or bringing a good fan!



The approach to the end! Everyone was starting to feel it! And it was so bittersweet.



Last view from inside 215.



I had a rough critique. Exhaustion (how I wrote five stories I will never know) + end of Clarion + the tenderness of many of the critiques kind of hit me hard so I went for a long, long, long, long walk. No, I wasn't crying, it was just raining on my face.



And then we went out for Ethiopian food.



Last read, last time in David and Christian's room, last last last!



I was the first to arrive, the first one out.



Here's where I start to get super maudlin. Ok, let's be real, it started on Monday and continues to this day.



I was drawing like a crazy person on the last day to get as many images of people as I could. I wanted to remember it all.



Congrats to Senaa for winning the Octavia Butler Scholarship! We celebrated with tacos and an award reception.



I left around 6 pm that Friday night. Met Kelly for our one-on-one, mailed my books home, said goodbye to everyone around 4, and had a lovely talk with lovely Kate!



Oh, Clarion. You taught me so much. I met so many heroes, I made so many new friends, I learned so much about writing. Thank you for everything! "Transformative" doesn't express even half of it. If you want more Clarion 2018, here are some doodles by faculty and students. The End.



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