Clarion Diary: Week 5


Oh, Gavin and Kelly. The last two weeks of Clarion are the "anchor" weeks where they have the same teachers moderate workshop throughout. Gavin and Kelly were a lot of fun, not to mention super chill, approachable, and supportive. They are genuinely interested in supporting the work of new writers. Perfect choices for the last two weeks of Clarion!



For whatever reason, I think there were three incredibly dark stories in a row that night. I had to wash my brain with some animation.



My feet really are that long and freaky looking. And The Vision, along with My Favorite Thing is Monsters, is my favorite recent comic book.



Those nights at Mysterious Galaxy were really fun. They broke up the week by allowing us some time away from reading/writing/the cafeteria and also gave us a chance to chat with students we might not see as much. (Our group was often sequestered away working).



Week 5 was our last reading! I started to write "bittersweet" a lot in my diary from this point on. And yes, I DO hope I can return to Mysterious Galaxy one day as a published author.



Omg Gavin's reading was hilarious. He was very performative about the "Who? Who?" line in his story.



We got a double feature! Kelly read part of a short story about the tale of the white cat. It was also hilarious. Also Kelly Link is a goddess with a heart of gold and I love her.



By this point I was already working on my Week 6 story. I struggled with that one like you wouldn't believe. Each week was progressively more difficult. Physical + Mental exhaustion =???



I was very confused.



Beston invited us to his home! His wife made a delicious meal for all 20 of us and then Beston played his guitar and sang to us. Super fun!



I went to college in LA and really miss this kind of chill backyard hangout, just sitting in the yard with candles and friends as the light dwindles.



Part One of an inebriated sketch. We went back to campus and started to play one of those murder mystery games. I was convinced to the bottom of my soul that Gavin was the murderer and that no one was accusing him because he was a teacher. I also gave a big speech about women's rights before they finally killed me off. 🤦‍♀️



Part Two. This is your brain on cocktails, kids. And this brings us to the end of Week 5! Click here for Week 6.



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