Clarion Diary: Week 4


They say that Clarion groups can "go feral" during Week 4, but I think we mostly just got very, very tired.



I wrote a whole story about vampires and then abandoned it for a fairy tale. I had to write it in three days to make the deadline. My laptop wasn't open to make a wall, but so I could try to write during breaks...



Kij was the master of structure. Seriously, she could hone right in on issues within each story so quickly.



Dinner at El Porto! I had a lovely fish taco.



Writing stories became progressively more difficult as the summer wore on. I somehow managed to make it through Week 4 with a more modest tale about a mother witch.



Many instructors organized  additional lectures on topics of interest. That Thursday Kij talked a bit about the importance of making a five year plan in the Common Room.



I was super excited for Comic Con and a visit from my sister!



Some post-critique thoughts.



OK I know that says Week 5 at the top but this is Sunday at the end of Week 4. Waiting around in the Common Room for Nalo Hopkinson, who was kind enough to swing by after a very busy weekend at Comic Con.



Oh, I loved Nalo. She was brilliant, funny, sweet. You name it, she was all the good things. Check out her sketch on the Miscellany page. And that brings us to the end of Week 4! Click here for Week 5.


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