Clarion Diary: Week 3


By the start of Week 3, I got into a bit of a Kombucha phase.



There was just an incredible diversity of work each week. We'd get stories about monsters and magic and time travel and ghosts. They'd be funny and scary and sad and uplifting. Super enjoyable.



After you submitted a story it was the best feeling in the world. I celebrated with the brilliance that is Interview with a Vampire.



I was clearly in a super festive mood and playing with white gel pens.



Many Clarionites type out their comments and send them via e-mail, but I was always more of a pen and paper girl myself.



Lunchtime at the cafeteria! I was actually mostly OK with the cafeteria food, but I'm not the biggest foodie in the world. Years of coffee=warped taste buds.



Mat Johnson was a really hilarious teacher. I enjoyed his sense of humor.



I had a lot of fun writing this story and I guess it came across to readers. I wonder sometimes if I should focus more on comedy/light fantasy, since that is what seems to come most naturally to me.



I know this one is hard to read but it's a fairly accurate approximation of the idea generating process...



Another day, another set of three stories. Around this point we settled into the grind, but you could start to see the tiredness really kick in.



Mat was a super fun reader! He read a chapter from his forthcoming book and it was absolutely hilarious.



In & Out makes a great burger, but the fries...



My parents came for a visit from Washington and we went to see a bunch of the missions along the California coast. We started with San Juan Capistrano. Really, really beautiful.



We visited another mission on the way back and I spent some time in the cemetery. The palmtrees gave it a tropical vibe which seemed out of sorts with the tombstones.



That Sunday we went to the San Diego Zoo. I have to say, it is the greatest zoo I've ever seen. Strongly recommended for all Clarionites! Which brings us to the end of Week 3. Click here for Week 4.



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