My First Story

Lately my parents have been sending me box upon box of childhood stuff. As I was going through some of these old papers, I realized that something I had told my fellow Clarionites in workshop - that I had just recently started writing creative fiction - was not entirely true. Behold! Possibly my first story.



1) "The Frog Prince," by baby Ama, who was still figuring out her g's. This story is nearly 30 years old but I can vaguely recall the children's book I am plagiarizing here.



2) "It fell into the pond! She cried because it was to (sic) far from her reach."




3) "The princess said okay, so the frog got her ball for her."




4)   The frog: "Remember your promise..."

       The princess: ☹️



5) " The princess, she forgot." 



6) "What something something something do I have got to give the frog."



7) "The king said you had to keep promises to the frog."




8) The princess hosts a banquet.



9) Denouement! The frog comes to appeal to the princess.




10) "Not at my party!"



11) I think she threw him on the chair?



12) The princess regrets her poor choices.



13) She apologizes for her poor treatment of the frog and gives him her heart.



14)  The frog, now a prince, wipes her tears away. The End!


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