Clarion 2018: A Visual Diary


Clarion is a six-week summer workshop for aspiring writers of fantasy and science fiction. The program has seen some truly monumental authors including (but not limited to) Octavia Butler, Ted Chiang, Bruce Sterling, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Kelly Link. This year I was lucky enough to join the class of 2018, where I documented my experience with a visual "diary of the mundane." Please check out my journey below:

  • Week 1: Initial Thoughts / A Visit to the Beach / First Critique / One-on-One / An Ill-advised Journey
  • Week 2: New Teacher / Magic Systems / Second Critique / Writing is Hard / I Got New Pens
  • Week 3: Kombucha / Interview with a Vampire / Mat is Hilarious / Idea Generation / Weekend Travels
  • Week 4: Going Feral / Kij's Reading / Fish Tacos / Comic Con / Post Critique
  • Week 5: Anchor Weeks / Dark Stories / Last Reading / Dinner at Beston's / An Inebriated Sketch
  • Week 6: Cuzco House / Gavin and Kelly's / Final Critique / Some Maudlin Thoughts / Bye Bye
  • Miscellany: Random Doodles from Students and Teachers


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